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Confusion or Abstract

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Photo abstracts take the viewer away from knowing or recognizing the subject. Instead they invite the viewer to almost ‘feel’ the textures, forms and other elements of the subject.

Often abstract photography makes the object unrecognisable as an object in its own right. Instead it directs attention to the look and feel – the essence of the object.

Very often my work includes an abstraction of a greater view, where the subject matter is not intstantly recogonised, it may include a hard shadow or high contrast scene, or the way a shadow falls,  I see it in my eye as a pleasing pattern or shape, sometimes formed by the colour itself. It has to have some harmony for me.

Often as photographers we concentrate all our efforts into the Grand View, when something much more simplistic can be equally as rewarding.  I find myself thinking about shooting things more in an abstract fashion. I find buildings Architecture make great abstracts, its easier to see a shape or pattern. With nature the task becomes more confused, trying to find the composition, and the harmony.

Sometimes it can hit you right away, more often than not though it takes some time to figure it out. Whatever the subject abstracts can be a great talking point, the term Marmite can be used often when viewing an Abstract image. I guess alot of viewers just won't get it, but that's not really the point, your not meant to, as it will mean different things to different people. I often just go out to shoot this type of image, it's a great way of spending a few hours with a single subject.

Rape field, Cambridgeshire

II sometimes find that creating an abstract is actually created due to an image reference that I carry around in my head, the above image is one that I have been wanting to find for many years, quite a few people have commented that I made this up in Photoshop, in truth it was shot as i saw it, the only photoshop element was creating the uber staright line of the horizon. The image was inspired by Mondrain blocks of colour.


Conwy Seascape

This long exsposure seascape with the bands of clouds was taken after a long day out in Wales, shot off the Conwy coast. I was reminded of the Rathko works.


River Burbage a riot of colour

I found myself in Padley Gorge near Grindleford with some really bright light searing through the tree canopy, the River Burbage tumbles dow a steep ravine and is often the place to shoot long exposures. I wanted to shoot something different capturing the power of the river, the reds and oranges are leaves that were trapped underwater and looked like layers of jelly in a trifle. Make of it what you will.


Colours in Slate

Slate Quarry Lake District

The above images were taking during a late March outing to a Slate quarry in the lake District. I could have spent the whole day there, it was wonderful, amazed by the patterns and colour in the rock. The chance to get some pictures out of this space was compelling. Hard work to find the right images amongst the quarried walls.

X factor The Gherkin

City in blue

A london photographic workshop I took in the winter, let me concentrate on the abstract nature of architecture, the above images were taken with a telephoto lens, which gives you so many options in picking out subjects, the other aspect about using the telephoto is the compression effect of the lens on the subject.

Thanks for taking time to read my blog.


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