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Just itching to get out

August 11, 2015  •  1 Comment

Since I got back from my French trip to shoot the lavander in Provence, I have been pretty busy in the gallery catching up with orders, I've been dying to get out to shoot some images. However as usual time and weather have conspired against me. I made plans to go out yesterday afternoon, settling on having a wander up the River Wye, an area I had not been to before, strangly enough!

The weather looked menacing on on the way it absolutely stonked it down, perhaps this was not a good idea. Pressing on I stopped off at a small group of trees I have often wanted to shoot, they always remind me of poodles. The view from up the hill was cracking and I could see right to the end of the Dove Valley, and Ax edge moor beyond.

The upper Dove ValleySky just clearing after a massive rainstorm

The hills of Parkhouse and Chrome centre of image. Fuji Xt1 55-200mm

Trees and meadowland

The Poodle trees against a clearing sky, Fuji Xt10 10-24 mm with nd grad

I eventually found a space to park the car, expecting the place to be busy, I was amazed to find I had the entire river to myself. The day turned out to be warm with some fantastic sunshine which provided me with some enchanting light. I was amazed at how dark it became under the tree canopy, it was a lovely  winding walk up the river eventually reaching Litton.

The weir at Cressbrook

The weir at Cressbrook with the famous Rubicon wall in the background, Fuji Xt1 55-200mm

Weir closeup Fuji Xt1 55-200mm


A Swans feather Fuji Xt1 55-200mm

Wild Chervil (Cow parsley)

Contre jour lighting the webs amongst Wild Chervil, Fuji Xt1 55-200mm

Worker Bees on Wild chervil

Worker Bees on Wild chervil, Fuji Xt1 55-200mm

The River Wye at Cressbrook The River Wye at Cressbrook, Fuji Xt1 10-24mm (Velvia Setting)

Contre jour lighting this leaf study, Fuji Xt1 55-200mm


A smaller River Wye at Litton A smaller weir on the River Wye at Litton, Fuji Xt1 10-24mm I love the colours in this image.

The limestone provides a nice canvas for this flower study Fuji Xt1 55-200mm

A small pool of light spotlights the vivid green of the Ivy, Fuji Xt1 35mm 1.4

Submerged tree stump reflections Fuji Xt1 35mm 1.4

Green on green leaf study Fuji Xt1 35mm 1.4

A tiny pool of light highlights the simple elegant beauty of this grass study. Fuji Xt1 55-200mm

The light just catching these grass heads provides the right contrast for this study, Fuji Xt1 55-200mm

Reflections captured with the Fuji Xt1 and the marvellous 55-200mm

Dead tree contrasts perfectly against the warm tones of the limestone Fuji Xt1 55-200mm

Rubicon wall basks in the late afternoon sunlight Fuji Xt1 10-24mm

Dappled sunlight highlighting this group of wild chervil Fuji Xt1 55-200mm.


It was perhaps the nicest couple of hours I've had in the Peak so many shooting opportunities made for some interesting studies. It's quite weird but one of my most used lenses when out shooting in the landscape is the 55-200mm. Since the new firmware version updates to the Xt1 this lens snaps into focus everytime.

I think this place will be lovely in autumn, I will look forward to going again, when the leaves start to change.


John Barton(non-registered)
Some wonderful images throughout here, Nick, you've certainly captured the essence of what seems a marvellous area! I'm interested that you use the 55-200 for landscapes, I'm still trying to find the right use for it (you could well have given me some inspiration here!), and you're quite right that the new update makes using the X-T1 a dream!
Keep up the good work!!
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