A great sunrise

May 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Whenever I plan to go out, one thing that cannot be relied upon is the weather, ofter it will just throw a massive spanner into the works. Last week we had some stunning summer weather, tempretures on par with Spain I decided to get out and shoot a sunset. I hadn't been out in several weeks, and was itching to get out of the office. So grabbed my gear and headed out to Winnats pass near Castleton. Bearing in mind this is a round trip of 70 miles, I hoped the weather would play its part. The nearer I got the lower my heart sank, cloud had moved in and turned what was to be a cracking sunset into nothing. Hey ho I thought I will still give it a go, planning on setting up and waiting to see if the cloud parted.

One thing I have always done in my years as a photographer is to always check my kit before I go on a venture, so imagine my anger and dismay when I got the camera out of the bag with a flat battery, and no spare. The mamiya 645 takes a lithium battery good enough for several months use when fully charged. To say i was annoyed would be an understatement. As it was the cloud never shifted. Whilst at the location I chose several points to check my compass readings and started planning a sunrise shot for later in the week.

Two days later and I was up at 3:15 am, and out the house within fifteen minutes, batteries fully charged ready to roll, dawn was breaking and I knew it would be a good one, very little cloud on the eastern horizon. On the way I noticed several areas along the A515 were really misty, now that would be the icing on the cake to get an inversion as well. I was also going to give the drone an airing as I hadn't flown for awhile. Parking up at the spot, my excitement hit new levels, the weather was fantastic, and no other photographers were about. I just love shooting at dawn, watching the world come awake, for that first hour the light and atmosphere are just magical. As the sun rose the inversion grew, and within half an hour of first light the whole of the Hope valley was covered. The sight was quite ethereal. Images were taken using the Mamiya 645df with Phase 1 P21+ back, using 35mm and 210 mm lenses. Drone used was the DJI Inspire pro X5 with 12mm zuiko lens.


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