Spring is with us

April 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A few days ago I took a trip out to Winnats Pass near Castleton to shoot some spring images, I was also testing out a new ballhead for my Gitzo tripod. My old ball head was looking seriously worse for wear cosmetically. I recently visited the Photography show at the NEC purely to go and test a few products I was interested in. Looking for a new ballhead in today's market gives you so many options to think about. I drooled over a few tripod heads the Arca Swiss was a trult fantastic piece of kit but I could not justify the expense. I wanted something that was well made, quite light and that had a very easy and smooth adjustment method. I settled on the Novo CBH 46 which ticked all my boxes. You can find a link for the Novo products here https://www.ukoptics.co.uk/brands

The head itself is extremley strong, and very well built in both fit and finish, it holds my mamiya 645df and Phase One back without any slippage. The arca swiss qr mount is easy to attach and locks into place without any fear of the camera flying off. Its very easy to use and has a level of adjustments that is really smooth, also features 2 panaoramic lock buttons and a easy to see spirit leve' Set up the tripod using the level, lock it off and attach the camera job done. All in all a really nice product and one that I am pleased to be using.

So the test in the field went well even though the wind was quite gusty the whole rig felt really well balanced, even did a couple of long exposures of 4 minutes to see if there was any movement. Nope locked solid this baby don't move. 

The light over the Great Ridge and Mam Tor was contantly changing due to the high wind and clouds, it was nice to see the light moving over the hills as the clouds moved so quickly in the strong winds.

All the images from the Winnats Pass visit were made using the Mamiya 645df Phase One P21+ back, using 35,210mm lenses. ND Grad and Polariser.



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