Fleeting Moments

March 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Shooting the Landscape as many have discovered is all about Fleeting moments. The weather is undeniably the photographers saviour, as well as tormentor, what you think is going to happen, usually doesn't and vice versa. We had a prospect of some snow last week, the prospect of some snow on higher ground was inviting. The day broke and looked pretty good for some images. I had an idea  that snow would be lying above the village of Tissington, as this is about 800 feet higher than my village.

Snow was around, but the weather was poor, low visability, with little contrast. Some snow was still in the air, and it was bloody cold, so i decided to leave it for awhile.Parked up in a layby on the A515 with a nice hot coffee and waited. I gave it an hour and could see the sun trying to break through. Mad dash to get to a couple of spots I had recce'd earlier, I could not hang about too long as the snow was already thawing. A couple of hours later I was done, the snow had vanished in a blink of an eye. I was pretty happy though I had captured some nice winter snow scenes. Mind you the car was absolutely bogging. An hour of jetwashing when I got home.

Sheep on the Rake near MonyashWaiting to be fed

Mamiya 645 df Phase One P21 with 35mm lens. The sheep thought I was bringing them some feed.


AutoWB: 2.94; 1.00; 1.03, Kelvin=5941, Tint=-0.0021

Mamiya 645df Phase One P21, 210mm . Rolling hilside near Pikehall


AutoWB: 2.98; 1.00; 1.10, Kelvin=5778, Tint=-0.0059

Mamiya 645df Phase One P21 with 35mm, I have always wanted to take this image with snow on the ground. Worth the wait I think.


AutoWB: 2.99; 1.00; 1.13, Kelvin=5706, Tint=-0.0073

Mamiya 645df Phase One P21 with 35mm. Breaking light near Alstonfield.


AutoWB: 3.08; 1.00; 1.07, Kelvin=6075, Tint=-0.0063

Mamiya 645df Phase One P21 with 35mm. A small hillside copse near Alstonfield


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