Let's talk about Autumn

November 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Autumn is my favourite season, as the nights draw in, and the air chills, we start to think of bonfire night, and dare I say it, Christmas.  As a photographer, I love autumns arrival.  It's quite remarkable how long the season takes to get really going,  as I write this, there is still plenty of colour to be found in the countryside, although this is diminishing rather quickly.

Capturing the colour of the season is all about timing, and of course the weather plays a huge role in this.  Early winds can take the leaves off really quickly.  A few days of a strong wind can leave you with nothing to admire.  We've been quite lucky this year.  The colour has remained for quite awhile, this combined with a few frosty mornings, has given me some great opportunities to capture the season at its best.

Some of the images in my blog, were captured after visiting the location on several occasions.  Your always competing with the weather, and many times the light is just not there.  It's never the case that you just turn up and the picture is just begging to be taken.  All the images taken below were captured with the Pentax 645z with a variety of lenses;  35mm, 45-80, and the 80-160mm.  Generally I will use an ND grad combined with a polarizer filter, this allows for a more balanced exposure, and deeper colour saturation.

Nick Lukey Ashbourne photographerLone tree and a stormy sky.Autumn colour in the Derbyshire dales

Nick Lukey Ashbourne photographerFrost and Autumn colourAutumn colour at Osmaston Derbyshire

Nick Lukey Ashbourne photographerEarly morning sunlight at Osmoston ParkOsmaston park near Ashbourne and autumn colour Nick Lukey Ashbourne photographerA frosty start to the dayA frosty morning in the Derbyshire dales Nick Lukey Ashbourne photographerAutumn sunset Derbyshire dalesSpectacluar skies herald a cold night ahead


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