Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017

October 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was very pleased to learn that 2 of my images from my submission this year, went through to the final round of judging, with one being commended to be in this years winners gallery and the LPOTY 2017 book. The book is a must buy for any landscape photographer, and when I look through it, I am always in awe of the photographers images, they are sublime. Sometimes controversial but by en large you can understand why the judges have picked them.

To judge this competition must be quite hard work, as some 250 thousand images are submitted, it's a nice feeling to know that one or two of your images has hit the right spot and caught the judges eye. When i submit a panel of images, I am very brutal in my choice, and spend quite a few hours looking at the merits of each image before sending my best.

I don't think there is a winning formula, but as long as you feel you've submitted your best work, no one can ask anymore of you. The rest lies with the judges. I personally think it's good to submit, as long as you don't get disappointed with the Dear John email you may get. Remember too that judging is purely what an individual feels about the subject matter, what makes the image standout among the thousands that they have looked at.

This is now the second time in 3 years that I have had an image commended, so I am pleased to think that my photography is going in the right direction, but I shoot for myself first and foremost, I don't shoot for the competition.

My 2 shortlisted entries were 2 very different images, one captured with the drone, and one with my phase one 645 back, 2 very different techniologies, the image of the tractor and the fields was very much a planned image, the other was a fluke. The image of the fields being mowed was the one that made it through to the final round. The fields had been mowed that morning I was lucky enough to drive past as they were doing it, so I figured the best way to try and capture it, would be when the sun was low enough in the sky to produce the shadows and texture. Fortunately for me the weather held and didn't cloud over, without the low sun the image would not have worked.

The second image was taken during a really cold morning with large amounts of mist surrounding our part of Derbyshire, it was one of those mornings when just driving around to various locations I had in my mind was the only thing to do. Lucky for me I caught this image by chance really. It remains on of my favourites, the soft light and the pastel pink rendition along with the mist isolated the small beech copse, combined with a telephoto lens to compress the foreground really made this image standout for me.


Evening Mowing Drone image captured with the Dji Inspire pro with zuiko 12mm

Beech copse The pastel light of a cold and misty dawn


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