Landscape 1-1 days

October 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

One thing I always hope for when taking out a client into the Peak, is moderatly good weather. This gives us both an opportunity to work out the best composition, the best exposure to suit the mood. However when the weather gods go against you. it's always a tough call to sack it off and find a warm spot for a coffee, or persevere and hope the weather improves. Fortunately for us it did perk up a bit, and made for a challenging, but enjoyable day out. Pete my pupil for the day, was very affable and took things in his stride, and I hope learnt a fair bit along the way. A few images from the day. All the images taken with the Mamiya 645DF using a Phase One P21+ digital back.

Autumn at Padley GorgeLeaf carpet River of GoldPadley Groge River BurbagePadley Gorge

Owler TorA break in the weather

Natural balanceGritstone boulder finely balanced at Owler Tor

Moorland under breaking skyOwler Tor


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