A couple of days in Canary Wharf

June 13, 2015  •  1 Comment

Last month I was fortunate enough to have a couple of days away in Canary Wharf London. I was looking forward to shooting some images of this iconic city landscape, a far cry from the hills and moors of Derbyshire.

The place is simply fantastic, a miniture city in itself, glass, steel and concrete structures soaring into the sky. Housing thousand of workers who swarm in every day. Its a great testement to the vision of turning this once run down and forgotten part of London, into something resembling Manhatten. I was fortunate enough to be given a couple of days of brilliant weather. Which worked so well for me and the images I had in mind. Not once during the 2 days did I encounter any hostility to me shooting images around there.  My kit for the visit comprised of Fuji Xt1 and X pro 1 bodies, 10-24mm, 55-200mm, 35mm and 18-55 lens.This was all packed into my F stop Gura backpack, possibly the best bit of kit I have owned for carrying and comfort. Combined with the small size and weight of the Fuji X cameras and lenses, I was totally comfortable with carrying this gear around on what became 2 very warm days.

Using the Xt1 and the X pro 1 leaves you totally  unnoticed by everyone, I just looked like a tourist. Its such a pleasure to shoot with these amazing little cameras, I'm certainly looking forward to the new updates to the firmware in June, I think the updates are going to address a number of issues that people have been waiting for to be reolved, and will certainly give Fuji a breather until the next itineration of cameras comes along. I certainly don't feel the need for more and more megapixels, I print large for the gallery and find the files from the Fuji to be able to resize very well. I find the quality of the X files so easy to manage in post processing, I want to be out shooting images, not sat behind a monitor for hours on end.

On an end note I found the whole trip away from my usual subject matter to be so refreshing., it's nice to be able to shoot something different, and another visit is definately on my to do list for this year.

Canary wharfe skylineImage taken from Greenwich penisular Canary Wharf Tube Station reflections caught by the new crossrail terminal


Tom Vincent(non-registered)
When shooting, did you use any of the film presets?

The shots are exactly the type of shot that I want to make in mono.

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