Shooting the Eclipse

March 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I was really looking forward to shooting the Eclipse, its such a special event, and one that I was determined to try and include in my favourite Derbyshire landscape. After consulting with my shooting files (the brain)  I picked the place where I thought woud give me the best view to capture it. I chose Curber Edge with those gritstone outcrops, I thought would make a really good image.

Thankfully we had cloud, without it the shoot would be difficult in the extreme, I would have had to overcome a massive exposure difference to retain the elements which were key to the image. The other key factor was to figure out the best angle that would allow me to use the 55-200 mm lens, which would give me a nice view of the Eclipse, plus keeping the elements of the foreground in the frame.

So the drive over to Curber was filled with constant checking of the cloud cover, it was patchy all over tbh, however on getting up on top of the edge, it was very overcast, would we even get a glimpse of the event? As it turned out we had 2 fleeting moments of the clouds parting to show the moon passing by the sun. 

I only shot 60 frames in the 2 hours I was there. Such was the poor light, It was amazing how gloomy it got, and also how cold. waiting for the eclipseview of the curber edge 20th march 2015

Watcher of the skies Fuji xt1 10-24mm


Lunar Eclipse of the sun march 20th 2015Eclipse over Curbar edge Peak District Derbyshre The moment the clouds parted Fuji xt1 55-200mm

I was so pleased with the images, that and with a huge element of luck with the weather, gave me the best opportunity to capture an image that encompassed everything I love about the Derbyshire landscape, with a moment that I will never see again.



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