Fuji Xt1...............One year on

March 03, 2015  •  1 Comment

Its been one year since I've owned the Fuji Xt1, in that time it's been up hill and down dale, in snow, rain, basically anything that the fickle British weather could throw at it. It has never let me down once. For its size its a sturdy wee thing. I have umpteen reasons why I like it, I think the main one is its simplicity, everything you need to do with the camera is in one place, on the top plate. The other stuff (settings) I rarely touch, once they are set up they are left alone. I very rarely access the Q button menu. I've even grown use to the dinky little D pad. Through Fuji's excellent firmware upgrades even the most loathed button on the top plate the Video switch has been resolved.

After a year of heavy use the top plate and the dial engravings are still pristine, I don't look after my gear that well it gets chucked around alot, on car seats and in the boot, again testimony to its build quality. The image quality is just staggering, I don't just show my images on the web, I have a gallery with my images printed as large as 4 feet by 3, a caller earlier today asked if it been taken on a medium format camera, that's how good they look in print. My favourite lens is the 14mm teamed up with the Xt1 gives me everything I need for my landscape work. The viewfinder (EVF) is such an immersive experience, it's doubtfull I would ever go back to a hybrid view like the X pro 1 has, don't get me wrong I love the X pro but the viewfinder is a league away. The AF is pretty decent, in fact I've stopped comparing it to my old Nikons, its not as good, but hey I'm not carting around a big heavy DSLR anymore. I don't compare it to anything now, as Its totally pointless, I've moved away into the Fuji system and thats it.

So yesterday to we had the most bizzare weather, bright sun, sleet, snow, rain, and a biting wind. The light in the afternoon was epic, I left for Stanton Moor around 3pm giving me a couple of hours to see what I could find. It didn't disappoint. That laser light you get when the sun is low in the sky was amazing, I was in mono heaven. I didn't shoot that many images in the coule of hours i was out, I spent most of my time chasing views and trying compositions that worked with the light, a fun excercise. So my day ended, and I viewd a selection on the Ipad, gotta love the wi-fi feature. Pretty pleased with the results. The only nagging doubt I have is should I get the 10-24mm, If I do it will mean goodbye to my constant companion the 14mm? I love this lens so much. Anyway a few images made yesterday, I hope you like them.

The cork stoneThe cork stoneCork Stone Stanton Moor Moon & Tree Stanton MoorMoon & Tree Stanton MoorTwisted Tree Stanton Moor A copse near Stanton MoorA copse near Stanton MoorWooded Dale Copse near Stanton in the peak Stanton MoorStanton MoorShadows and Silver birch Shadows and Silver BirchShadows and Silver Birchlong shadows Stanton Moor Silver Birch & winter SkySilver Birch & winter Sky


It is nice to see your writing and so enthusiastically about gear and your explorations. It really inspires me to get rid of my laziness and get out there. Very good. Now I'll look at the previous years catch!
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