Bleak midwinter in the Peak

February 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Well we've certainly had some snow over the last few days, and try as I might I've struggled to convey (in my own mind) what this landscape is really like during a cold snap. So ventured out yesterday to one of my favourite gritstone edge.  Derwent edge has some commanding views and interesting structures, ideal for landscape photography. The light was in my favour with a veiled sky and weak sunlight. Mind you getting anywhere in the peak, was a major trial as most of the high roads from Buxton were closed. Eventually arrived at Cut Throat bridge car park, keen to get on the trail. Wasn't prepared for how much ice there was underfoot, some of the walking was quite perilous, easy to take a tumble, which happened only once on the way up. Should have had some crampons on.

I was not really prepared for how cold it was on the edge, with a keen northerly wind I reckon the windchill was in the low teens, certainly made for some interesting walking. The scenery was simply staggering, and really gave me that bleak mid winter look I was after. The moorland looked like the artic tundra, even the grouse wern't hanging around. Stopped by Mam Tor for a quick photo, which I must say looked superb, in the late afternoon light. All images taken with the Fuji Xt1, lenses used 14mm, 18-55mm and the 55-200mm.



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