Dungeness visit

October 16, 2015  •  1 Comment

I have been wanting to visit Dungeness for quite some time, it's a fair old trip to get down to the south coast from Derbyshire. So last Sunday Trudy(my long suffering partner) and I decided a trip to the coast was needed. After some gentle hints and we were off to Kent. Had a fantastic day, the late September weather was perfect for a day at the coast.

Decaying boat Dungeness

Dungeness is a strange but quite wonderful place to visit, Ok I know it's got a Nuclear power station by it, but the landscape is just incredible. I would think on a raw winters day it would be quite foreboding. It's seems that the place over the years has attracted all types of flotsam and jetsom, the decaying hulks of old boats and fishermans sheds provides a wonderful photographic opportunity. You can easily understand why its been used as a location for film and TV.

The scattered remains of livelyhoods litter the shingle beach. All the images taken on the Fuji Xt1 using 10-24mm and 55-200mm lenses.

Lighthouse Dungeness



Nowhere to go, DungenessAn empty horizon

abandoned boat DungenessFootprint in foam


Ivar Dahl Larsen(non-registered)
Another set of lovely images and since I was there a few years back, these images bring back memories and a wish to return. Might one of these days. Cheers mate.
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