Thunderstorm over Curber Edge

May 03, 2014  •  1 Comment

Had an opportunity to get out midweek for a planned trip to Curber Edge, which is a gritstone edge in the Peak District national park.  Great views to be had. The weather was very balmy and thought we may get a nice sunset. However within an hour of my arrival the sky turned black and really angry, as a thunderstorm rolled in. Thought I was going to be in for a pounding, but it just skirted by. The images of the sky against the gritstone and moorland worked really well for me. I love the drama of the dark peak, totally unforgiving when the weathger is bad.

Curber edge old millstone curber edge angry skies above curber edge moorland grasses curber edge gritstone bowl curber edge Thunderstorm over curber edge moorland thunderstorm Gritstone edge and treeGritstone edge and tree


Nick Taylor(non-registered)
Hi Nick. Great images (as always), but did you worry about having your camera out in the rain at all? I know the XT-1 body is Weather Resistant, but are the lenses yet? What precautions do you take?

Cheers. Nick
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