Risking it

May 13, 2014  •  2 Comments

So the last couple of days have left me kicking my heals at home due to bad weather, everytime I wanted to get out it rained. I had a plan sorted for my next shoot, I aimed to get back up to Curber edge, as my earlier foray onto the edge was cut short due to a rather hefty thunder storm.  So I knew where I wanted to be, knew what time I needed to be there by, but would the weather lift?.

It rained on and off during the drive, even sat in the car in the car park waiting until it stopped, I was still in two minds about spending the evening out on the tops if the weather wasn't going to change. So I set off goretext to the max. After 20 minutes or so the rain stopped and to the west the cloud started to break up, and I was left with the most beautiful light I could ever wish for.

All came good, I was bang on perfect for the right light to be hitting the edge, was fortunate the weather broke when it did. The reward for a 50 mile round trip was to be in some of the best light I have shot in. If I had not bothered and been at home when the weather cleared I would have been going nuts, and possible swore at the cat.

Some of the evenings images, all shot with the Fuji Xt1 and 14mm, I only used the 55-200mm for a few shots.

Evening light Curber Edge A view to Baslow Edge from Curber River derwent from Curber edge Evening light at Curber edge Baslow Edge and Chatsworth from Curber A view to Longstone acroos the valley A stand of Silver birch at Curber Silver birch on Curber edge

The gritstone of Curber edge Curber edge in mono The path along Curber edge



Wayne Yuhasz(non-registered)
Very good landscapes here, again. You have a nice twist on classic landscape images from some of the most beautiful country views imaginable.

I presume you will be offering a landscape photo book soon(you should).
Gorgeous photos! I have to admit, I much much prefer the color to the black and white because of the wonderful lighting you got. Thanks for the post (saw this over at DPR). I've got the same kit that you write about, but it gets so windy here in Albuquerque along with the rain that I just get grumpy and stay inside :)
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