Fuji Xt1 autofocus speed

April 01, 2014  •  1 Comment

Given the number of questions asked about the speed of focus and frame rate of the new Fuji Xt1, yesterday I had an ideal opportunity to try this, and find out for myself how the camera coped with fast moving action or in this case wildlife.

The settings I used were

Capture rate set to CH/Auto ISO/ AF set to release priority/ Focus mode set to AFC/Face detect off/High performance off.

Fortunately for me I chose a place where flying bird action is pretty constant throughout the day. A pair of Greylag geese spotted some feeding going on and flew across the lake for a look. Using the 55-200 zoom I aquired focus and hit the shutter, I shot 10 frames in total and only the last 2 frames showed oof, due to losing focus as the birds dropped into the water. Pretty amazed at this set, given the 55-200 is not the easiest lens to work with. The tracking works a treat. It was fortunate I guess  that the 2 birds stayed at a similar distance to each other. Hope you find some interest in this wee test.



Ivar Dahl Larsen(non-registered)
A nice set of pictures there Nick. Where and how big a focus point was set for this occasion if I may ask? I like the rest of your site too.
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