The Fuji Xt1 pros and cons part deux

March 10, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

So a week in owning and using the new Fuji Xt1, I feel I've betrayed my beloved X pro 1 for a new mistress, but will the love affair last ? So far I love many of the features especially focus and tracking, I do feel however that I prefer something a little more stripped down. In some way Fuji have overcomplicated it, certainly my peeve is that there are just too many fn options. For some that's ok for me it's just a pain, all buttons in my view should have a setting disabling the fn buttons. My other pet hate is the video button being so easy to turn on ggrrrrrr.

i must say though that between the two cameras I use,  the X pro, and this, the X pro feels sluggish, that's how much Fuji have improved response times and process speeds. I have a feeling the X pro 2 will be mind blowing. In order to maximize the new speed, make sure you update your lenses with the latest firmware updates, they work much better.

There are some cool new features on the Xt1, one of which is the remote shooting app. This is a really neat app and works well. I use it on my ipad and really appreciate viewing live on a larger screen. Some folks have remarked about the difficulty in getting it to work. Here's how I do it.

Initiate wifi through the dedicated button on the camera top plate this starts the process, next go into settings on your ipad/iphone tap on wifi and you will see the fuji  Xt  appear on your wi if networks. Select that, then start the fuji app you will see the status bar appear and within a few seconds it will connect, you can then select a number of options. Sometimes it can time out and a message comes up on the Xt1 clock ok and it usually connects.

The app screen menus


The shooting setup

Screen image of the controls, it's all controllable from the tablet, from point of focus, ISO settings, wb, film type, it's easy to navigate and setup.


The final image I shot


The shoot for this blogpost took just a few minutes, once I had shot the image I then uploaded it to the Ipad and selected it for use in the blog.  It's that simple. Although the app is easy to use it does have one or two glitches which need ironing out. Desperately needs a bulb mode as you can use all the shutter speeds apart from bulb. It's fun to use, great for commercial use, client approvals etc. 

How far can you be away from the camera?


I was stood about 50 feet from the camera when I took this, be aware though the further away you are the more delay you get from tripping the shutter to finished shot, I guess around 6 seconds before it was ready for another frame. The other thing to bear in mind is on a bright sunny day like today, the Ipad screen is nigh on impossible to see. 


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