Winter in the derbyshire dales

January 14, 2014  •  2 Comments

Shooting landscapes in winter is one of the hardest things to do, its usually down to the weather being so changeable. Take yesterday for instance, what started out to be a lovely crisp morning turned sour after lunch. I like shooting in the afternoons, because the quality of light can be so wonderful, plus I hate getting up early doors.

I had an idea to go back and shoot at Robin Hoods Stride near Elton, I had been there climbing a few times in the summer, and fell in love with the place, so a trip in winter seemed like a good idea. On the plus side I was driving up through some wonderful dales scenery and had already ticked off some possible locations to shoot. Needless to say the minute I got my gear in the car, the weather started to turn (always the way), still I was commited to getting out, I've had to long a break. On the good side I was also testing out some near gear, a new compact rucksack ideally suited to the X pro gear, and a very nice gitzo carbon fibre tripod. I will be doing a review of these in the weeks to come. 

So the afternoon went well, I didn't get wet :) and was even treated to a nice rising moon. All images taken on a Fuji X pro 1 using 14mm 55-200mm and a few nd grads and a 10 stop filter.

the valleythe valley




Beech copse at Ravenscliffe



Simon Beesley(non-registered)
Lovely pictures Nick. I live near Macclesfield, so it's on my "to do" list for the new year to get over to Ashbourne sometime to see the gallery.

Without making this a technical question (he says, launching into a technical question), but are you using RAW for these or using the Jpeg settings in the camera. I'm assuming these have had some Post Prod work, but I've found, myself, that the OOC Jpegs can stand a reasonable amount of work in, for instance, LR.
Nicolo Famiglietti(non-registered)
I much prefer the black and white images here. Must be the time of year. Some how winter in dark, northern climes just looks more dynamic when rendered in black and white.
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