First outing of the New Year

January 07, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

So Christmas has come and gone, had a nice few days off, was looking forward to getting some photography time in, but the weather put paid to that idea. The forecast for yesterday was pretty good, any rain holding off till later in the day. So I was off for a trip up Crowden Clough, should be a good walk up, enough to blow the cobwebs off anyway. The first half of the walk up the valley was quite interesting lots of little waterfalls on the way up.  The sky had some drama in it too, could end up being a really good day for photography.

Following the narrow track past the barn to Crowden Clough, Fuji X pro 1 14mm

Looking down the valley with Rushup Edge in the far distance, Fuji X pro 1 14mm

Plenty of water on Edale Moor meant some nice little waterfalls Fuji X pro1 14mm


The climb does get steeper and becomes a rock scarmble towards the top. The calm conditions of the valley below were replaced by a real hooligan of a wind, several times gusts threatened to knock me off my feet. Finally made it to the top, and started off skirting Crowden towers, thinking I would walk round by Edale Cross and descend down Jacobs Ladder. 20 minutes later I was in the teeth of a massive storm, the rain being horizontal by this point, gusting winds easily 40 knots pinged the rain into my face.

Going up the clough with Crowden Towers bathed in a little sun, Fuji X pro 1 14mm

Now the climb starts to be fun, notice the windspray above Fuji X pro1 14mm

A lovely little pool of amber Fuji X pro 1 14mm

Amazing gritstone steps at the top of the Clough Fuji X pro 1 14mm

The last shot of the day in the teeth of a gale Fuji X pro 1 14mm

Getting back down was interesting ended up doing a bum slide down several hundred feet of wet turf, laughing my head off. Got back to my car thoroughly wet through despite the Goretex. Whoever thought Landscape photography was easy :)


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