First signs of Autumn

September 04, 2013  •  2 Comments

Woke up to find a blanket of fog covering the valley this morning, and a garden covered in dew laden cobwebs. The spiders are so busy I am always amazed to see just how much work goes into a cobweb. The faintest breath of wind and the webs sway, making focus difficult. I shot these pictures this morning using the Fuji 55-200 which offers me better control over background detail as well as precise subject framing. The sun was breaking through but the light was still nice and diffused, I like shooting cobwebs contre jour as you get a nice rimlight on the dew.  Heres some images 

Looks like a snow capped mountain, the building of these smaller webs are a joy to look at. Fuji X pro 1 55-200mm

Iron gate makes for a perfect frame for the web. Fuji Xpro 1 55-200 mm

I love the colours in this shot Fuji Xpro1 55-200

Pleasing background bokah from the 55-200 just have to love this lens

Talk about overcrowding in spider land. Colours are lovely and muted. Fuji Xpro1 55-200mm


Alan Smallbone(non-registered)
Gorgeous images, well done
Beautiful images Nick. Did you find all the webs in one morning? I find the bokeh of the 55-200 very nice. Could you have used the 35 f1.4 or the 60?
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