Chrome Hill

August 14, 2013  •  4 Comments

Had a few hours out toward Chrome Hill near Buxton, what a stunning place. The hills of Wheeldon, Parkhouse and Chrome dominate the upper Dove valley. With real ridges and outcrops of limestone (coral reef) they certainly have a real mountain look about them. The place makes for a great day out and is rarely busy. I love this side of the Peak district, think it has much more to offer than the popular dark Peak. Less traffic and less tourists ! 

So off with th X pro 1 2 lenses the 14mm and the 55-200, ideal combinations for Landscape work. Although dodging fierce showers and protecting the gear took some doing, the Fuji just works so well with landscapes. The colour rendition and the detail it resolves just leaves me gobsmacked. All the years I have been shooting images, never has a camera given me such satisfaction in its ability to deliver the files I want.

Chrome Hill in the middle distance, Fuji Xpro1 14mm Astia setting.

A very stocky Tup guarding his territory, Fuji X pro 1 55-200 converted monochrome silverfx.

Derbyshire to Staffordshire, the views are amazing, as was the weather Fuji Xpro 14mm Astia film setting

Chrome Hill under a threatening sky, Fuji X pro 1 14mm Astia film setting

The rugged beauty of Chrome Hill and its spiny ridgeline, Fuji Xpro 1 14mm converted monochrome silver fx

Parkhouse Hill with its steep ridgeline not for the fainthearted, Fuji Xpro1 14mm monochrome converted with silver fx

As if lit by laser, sharp sunlight shows off the contours of Chrome Hill Fuji Xpro1 14mm

Telephoto compression of the hills of upper Dovedale. Fuji Xpro 1 55-200 mm monochrome converted with silver fx

The road to nowhere Fuji Xpro1 55-200mm monochrome converted with silver fx

Derbyshire moorland Fuji Xpro1 55-200mm Astia film setting

Hope you enjoyed the images




Alan Smallbone(non-registered)
Wonderful images, beautiful
Dave wall(non-registered)
Love the way the x pro even captures the Ram taking a leak ........ Now that's sharp and detailed for all the doubters ;)

Gret work
lovely images, but those watermarks are distracting
Wayne Yuhasz(non-registered)
Very nice landscapes here,ie, composition, color balance ,lighting.

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