Robin Hoods Stride

July 27, 2013  •  2 Comments

Having been busy over the last couple of weeks, with the gallery, rock climbing, and a small operation. It was nice to get out into the field to shot some images. It also coincided with new firmaware update v3, so I was keen to try it out in proper coditions. Turned out to be a cracking summer evening, a rarity these days in England, but the last couple of weeks have reminded me of how our summers used to be.

So first thoughts on the firmware improvements, lenses seem to focus a tiny bit quicker the 14mm locks itself onto any point you choose without hesitation. So I shot all these frames in MF wchich activates the focus peaking. I don't have any issues with the chocie of focus peaking colour, even shooting into bright sunlight I could still see the highlighted details quite clearly. One area I have always had trouble with focus is sky as there is usually no contrast point handy. Nailed every time with the new update, clearly see the edges highlighted in the high clouds.

Overall I am deeply impressed by Fuji commitment to improving this remarkable little camera. Although I have heard v3 is being updated as the video function on the camera has a problem since the introduction of the new firmware. I don't shoot video so no problem for me. Anyway some images from the other night.

Robin Hood Stride Fuji 14mm with nd grad

Silver birch at Robin Hood Stride Fuji 55-200 zoom

Attempting a move Robin Hood Stride Fuji 14mm

Robin Hood Stride Golden Oak Fuji 14mm

Stone monolith Robin Hood Stride Fuji 14mm light nd grad

Bouldering at rpbin Hood Stride Fuji 14mm nd grad

New Growth at Robin Hood Stride Fuji 55-200 handheld

Distant Hills from Robin Hood Stride Fuji 55-200 handheld

Sunset at Robin Hood Stride Fuji 14 mm

A summer sunset Fuji 14 mm

Old gate



Alan Smallbone(non-registered)
Well done, I like them all, well composed.
Simon Kemp(non-registered)
Very nice images. Often oversaturation with landscape photography can have too much of an artificial look but these are great! I guess you used the Velvia simulation as a starting point.
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