Shooting with the Fuji 55-200 mm

June 08, 2013  •  5 Comments

A rather big box arrived at the gallery this morning, furiously cutting through a million miles of tape and plastic air bags, lay my new lens, the 55-200 mm. It looked impressive and had a nice heft, not too heavy not too light. Quickly grabbed the X pro, locked into place nicely. Initial thoughts are very well made feels and looks good. The balance of the camera is quite even. Did the firmware upgrade, and had a play. Image quality is awesome, no I'm not bullshitting this glass is good, I would say a tad sharper than my 70-200 f2.8 vr2. Contrast is good too. The hood is nice and large and thankfully not a tulip one. 

The image stabilization works very well, however I think it will suck the hell out of the battery. Zoom ring is a trifle stiff but the aperture ring is a delight positive clicks. Not impressed by not having the aperture markings on the lens, this is a faux pas to me, you read the aperture in the viewfinder. I like to use it by setting it beforehand without having to raise the camera to my eye. The OVF is a waste of time so it's EVF only with this baby attached. The light this evening is fabulous so I'm off to give it a workout.

Well after spending a couple of hours out in the lanes. I am more than impressed by the image quality,and all round handling of the X pro 55-200 combo. Some of my shots tonight were direct into the setting sun testing out its flare handling, very very good, one of the flaws in my Nikon 70-200 was side flare, the Fuji lens showed none of those issues at all.  That said the lens does struggle with focus, sometimes on seemingly easy to focus subjects. Macro focus is good I've never had a 300 mm focus so close. Overall I would score the lens 9/10. 

My lens roadmap is complete, the Nikons are being retired. Next up another body i think an XE 1, and leave the 55-200 on that. 

An update:

I shot a wedding yesterday, over the course of several hours, using mostly the 55-200mm and the 14mm, both lenses produced excellent images.Battery life remained the same so the OIS zoom does not seem to use vast amount of power. Some images from the test shoot the other night, if you have any questions please leave a comment.



Mark Evans(non-registered)
Great shots, really impressive!

I've just sold my D7000 and upgraded to an XPro1 (having had the X100 previously) but am really missing a replacement for the 70-200 F2.8.

Is there any chance you could upload any Wedding shots? If not I can understand, but would love to see them.


andy gallacher(non-registered)
Been holding off on this lens but i think this has convinced me - plus you take pictures of where I'm from (now living in Miami) and they are achingly beautiful.
great shots thank you ,given up with uk. stocks of this lens got one coming from h.k.
Great review and really wonderful pics............mine is on order and can't wait..........
Impressive sHaRp. Thanks x share.
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