A light so perfect

May 09, 2013  •  6 Comments

I was out climbing at Bamford Edge last weekend, and witnessed the most fantastic light over the landscape. The sun was behind some quite dramatic clouds. Every so often part of the hills would be lit almost with a giant spotlight. I shot several frames but wasn't happy, and then out came the flashlight again and lit the scene below. A black and white conversion created all the atmoshere I wanted.

I have printed this as a 30 x 20 and the quality of the file from the xp1 is fantastic, the subtle rendering of the midtones above the bridge in the middle of the image is fantastic and shows every little nuance. God the Fuji X pro is a delightful machine.


Andy G(non-registered)
I live in Miami and own an X-Pro1 but your picture is my backyard growing up - I love it and it makes me miss home! I took my first steps on a farm just the other side of the bridge...
jon burtoft(non-registered)
Hi, beautiful photo. I have been using the xpro in b&w mode for about a year now, it is hands down my favourite camera ive used. The wide range of tones and soft subtle highlights are one of the strengths, as your photo demonstrates. Cheers jon
Hi, you mentioned Capture One in an earlier post and that you would be speaking about it in the future. Any plans for a review? What post processing software do you use now with your x pro 1?

Nice picture! Thx for sharing.
What kind of software did u use for BW processing?
Was the print 30x20 cm or in inch?
That is Gorgeous!
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