Windchill, deep snow and an Xpro 1

March 19, 2013  •  1 Comment

I see many questions about how the Fuji X pro 1 copes with dire weather, so here is a write up of a wintery day out in the Peak District.

I got a mail from a friend asking if I wanted to go and explore some climable ice routes in the Peak District, Crowden Clough and the Kinder downfall. The snow had been falling for several days on the tops, and the daily temps over the previous few days had been as low as -10. With that in mind I thought we would get some great pictures. The X pro 1 would be ideal as a travelling partner due to it being so light. I took the 18 and 35 mm lenses, and 3 extra batteries just in case.

The weather was glorious as we advanced up Crowden Clough, and did a nice little ice route up the waterfall. The scenery was majestic,with a real Alpine feel to the day. Negotiating our way across to the downfall we encountered heavy drifted snow, and a biting wind, which left the face stinging. The Fuji performed without fuss, even though it had been covered in snow, as I went head first into a snow packed gully. A quick brush down and the camera was fine. As we travelled across to the downfall the weather changed, and we were soon in the middle of a white out. The wind was now Arctic and it became quite a challenge getting through the deep snow, often 3 to 4 feet in places. Once we had reached the downfall it became apparent that the hellish conditions were not to be trifled with, and we decided to head back down before it got dark. As it was we were coming down Jacobs ladder in the gloom with head torches. The weather changes so quickly you can easily be caught out.

On the plus side, the X pro caught the changing conditions very well, all images were shot in jpeg mainly using the 18mm, I need to get something wider though and itching to get something around the 12mm mark. The camera was covered in snow several times, due to it being around my neck as I plunged into fairly deep snow gullies. I had taken a couple of really good microfibre cloths with me, a quick wipedown and a focus check was all that was needed. The temperature when the weather changed was around -10 with a severe windchill. I only changed the battery once, and took nearly 200 images. So it performed pretty well, all things considered.

A view of Edale from Mam Tor

Starting up Crowden Clough from Barber Booth

Delicate tones and grains of snow

Looking toward Rushup Edge

Deep snow near Edale cross

Wind carved snow

Patterns created by wind on deep snow

The path to Kinder Downfall

Arctic conditions on top of Kinder Low

Snow ridge on Kinder

View from Kinder Downfall toward Hayfield

Time to get off the hill


Congrats for this good serie. Espcecialy the B&W ones. I really like the contrast and the "unreal" aspect (the 9th is just ... WOW !)
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