The Fuji X pro 1 and Legacy Glass

February 28, 2013  •  4 Comments



When I replaced the X100 with the X pro 1, I began to explore the possibilities of using legacy glass, being able to use pretty much any lens from any system is such a bonus with the Fuji X series. As I didn't own a 60 mm I wanted something with a little more throw, a lightweight telephoto and believe me you have hundreds to choose from. Therein lies the difficulty which one do you choose. My choice was based around image quality, a nice wide aperture, and finally portability.

I settled on the Zuiko, as it ticked all the boxes for me, Image quality is great, punchy colour with  good contrast and its sharp. The bonus is that its tiny a little over 2 inches tall. It balances well in the hand, and adds very little weight. The great thing about the old zuiko lenses is that the aperture ring is toward the front of the lens, making aperture adjustments is easy. Since the latest firmware additions, manual focus is achieved quite quickly and feels much more positive, using the evf and a magnify setting of 3x allows pretty accurate focus. Although you need to allow for evf wobble.

Nice and sharp with a nicely rendered background bokeh is very pleasant on this lens.

Colour is very natural, with no obvious colour casts, contrast is excellent, and cannot find any evidence of colour fringing. I need to get a nice lens hood for it though.

Overall the lens is a decent performer, and for around £120 for the lens and adapter, gives great bang for the buck. Al I need do now is to save my pennies, for either the 14mm or the Voigtlander 12mm. All the images apart from the lens on camera shots, were shot in raw and converted using the new capture One software, more on this later.






Erik Bouwen(non-registered)
Pardon the newcomer comment. I'm a new XE-1 owner and very excited that some of these legacy lenses can be used. Is there a general reference to understand which lenses can be paired with the Xe-1. I am assuming that different adapters are needed for each category of lenses. I would like to try on of these lenses that are quite affordable. I would appreciate your comments on the most efficient strategy and which would be the highest quality lenses for a variety of situations.
I enjoy
general family & friends portrait
long exposure architectural, night time
macro nature
low light dance club shooting without flash

My only prime lens is the XF 35/1.4 which should be arriving soon, but I will not be able to afford other XF prime lenses.
Hi this photo is great!
zuiko lens (50 1.4 and 135 2.5) works well with the adapter or only 100 2.8 ?
Beautiful photos! Love the last two especially...
Which adapter did you use for this lens?
I'm with you on this. So far, for my XE-1, I have a new CV 15/4.5 and a 1956 Leica Hektor 135/4.5 in M mount; a bog-standard 1983 Zuiko MC 50/1.8 for the OM adapter (I won't talk about my old Tokina zoom) and on EOS adapter, a Walimex Pro 8mm fisheye. The only XF lenses I have are the 35 and the zoom (both super), although I'd rather like the 56/1.4 when it comes out. The surprise and pleasure comes from how well they all work with this sensor, old or new. Hours of fun!
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