One window, one view

February 18, 2013  •  2 Comments

I was watching the sky last week out of a bedroom window, a storm had just cleared, I watched and took images of it over half an hour or so. Given the restriction on my viewpoint I wanted to see what sort of images i would get over a few days. It was quite challenging, but spending the same amount of time at the window at around the same time of day, made me think quite alot about other people who have a restricted view on the world. Makes you think? All the images were shot with a Fuji X pro 1 and a zuiko 100mm f2.8 lens. The images were all shot as jpegs. The fuji produces such wonderful colour, its very accurate and shows the scene exactly as i saw it. This camera continues to suprise me everyday. So much so in fact that the Nikons are getting very dusty.

J12_7130 IMG_6211


AWESOME website and photographs man, the pictures here are really good. Lucky I stumbled upon this! Especially loved your Winter pictures.

How do you like the Xpro1 so far? And what lenses do you have for it, do you mind me asking?

Keep up the great work, and I have bookmarked this website :)
Beautiful pictures, especially no.6!
Just curious... WHY on earth would you shoot a gorgeous photo and then watermark it with a big, ugly banner saying 'thebigpicturegallery'?!! We are all concerned about people claiming stake to things that belong to us. But I am sure there is a nicer, more elegant way of putting a watermark that is different and perhaps less obvious. Worst case senario... if someone took one of your pictures and put their name on it, Hell, so what!!! Its just a picture... I would take it as the best compliment ever! Nirvana is also that if it makes someone happy, let them take it.
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