Its all about the light.

December 08, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

What started off as a cracking day to be out in the hills, quickly turned desperate, the almost alpine day on top of Kinder Scout changed within the hour. Windchill and deep powder snow made movement almost impossible. Out of the gloom appeared a tiny pinprick of light illuminating the landscape looking down the valley from Kinder downfall toward Hayfield. My camera gear almost frozen pulled out from the shelter of the bag, quickly set up the manual exposure, several different frames taken, the now snow covered camera quickly wiped down back in its bag. Within minutes of the the shot being taken, the gloom rolled back in and near darkness was upon us.

A moment in time, that little shaft of light cheered us up no end, then it was back to plodding back off the hill to the safety of civilisation below us. Despite the conditions an epic day was had, and one image stood out over the rest. Totally summing up the day and conditions, the bleakness of the peak in deep winter.

Winter snow on Kinder Scout DerbyshireWinter snow on Kinder Scout DerbyshireThe faint sun illuminates the valley toward Hayfield. Within an hour it was a whiteout. Fuji X pro 1 18mm f2.8 converted to monochrome.


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